Doubletap's guide on how to make a Mosfet switch with active braking

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                    Parts list 

1 x 30K Ohm Resistor
1 x 100 Ohm Resistor
1 x IRL1404Z Mosfet (N)
1 x SPP80P06P Mosfet (P)
1 x 6" length of red 16 AWG wire
2 x 3" lengths of black 16 AWG wire
1 x 3" length of  thin wire for the signal wire
Various Heatshrink, I used 2mm, 3.5mm, 10mm and 13mm

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                     Tools Required 
Soldering iron - keep the heat as low as possible
Sidecutters or pliers
Heatsink clamps - I use large crocodile clips

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 We'll start with the N Mosfet and the 30k resistor

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Carefully bend the source pin into a U shape
Cut a length of heatshrink to cover the resistor 

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Lay the N mosfet on to of the P one and bend the ends of the N mosfet's gate and drain pins so they can touch the P mosfets legs without strain 

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Cover the gate and drain pins on the N mosfet with heatshrink 

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Solder 1 length of black wire to the source pin
Solder 30K resistor onto the source and gate pins
Heatshrink the black wire solder point
Heatshrink the whole source pin

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Here's the completed N mosfet from another angle

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Now we'll prepare the P mosfet

Carefully bend the source pin outwards to allow the wire to run alongside the mosfet

Note the 100 ohm resistor - we'll use that later

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Remove a small section on insulation from the middle of the 6" length of red wire
Tin the exposed section
Solder to the source pin on the P mosfet

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Heatshrink the joint

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Now place the N mosfet on top of the P one and solder both sets of gate and drain pins together

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Solder the other 3" length of black wire to the drain pins
Heatshrink the joint

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Solder the 100 Ohm resistor to the signal/trigger wire
Solder the other side of the resistor to the gate pins

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Heatshrink the joint

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Here's the almost finished unit, now's the time to test it
Note - you need to add another bit of signal wire from the other side of the trigger switch and join it to the motor+ red wire. Where you join it will be dictated by what gearbox it's going into

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Heatshrink the whole unit.
1 x mosfet trigger switch with active braking........done

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